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Repairing Credit in Oklahoma

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How to Protect Your Credit in Oklahoma

Credit checks conducted during the hiring process have become a hot topic throughout the country as a number of legislators look to introduce laws prohibiting the practice.

Some experts say a person's credit report does not adequately reflect what kind of worker he or she will be. A recent report from Georgia news provider WALB highlighted one such case. Mary Hilley, a single mother who suffered from bad credit, says employers don't always know why a job applicant's credit is low. Yet, hiring managers may see an unfavorable number and immediately disregard the candidate.

However, those in favor of credit checks say the practice offers businesses a quick assessment as to how an applicant will handle company money.

To make themselves more attractive candidates, job seekers with poor scores should focus on getting their finances in order and improving their credit.

One way they may be able to improve their credit scores is by checking their credit reports for any unfair or inaccurate credit reporting marks. Credit companies may mistakenly report an account as delinquent, which could cause a person's score to plummet without just cause.

Individuals who find themselves in this position may benefit from speaking with a credit repair, as he or she may have the expertise and capability to investigate and dispute a negative or unfair error. Removing these errors may help consumers see their credit scores return to their rightful levels.

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