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Do It Yourself Credit Repair in Nevada

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Mostly people believe that improving one's credit can only be done through a credit repair company. However, this is not the case. In fact, sometimes it may cost you more money and time to get it managed through a company, than it would to just do it yourself. Some noteworthy recommendations which should be considered before asking a company to assist you are below.

By opting to do it yourself, you need to be patient and have enough time. The very first step that you are supposed to do is to contact the credit bureaus for a credit report. You have the right by Federal Law to get a free credit report every year. There are three main credit bureaus are that you will need to contact. The material which you are supposed to include in your written correspondence with the credit reporting agency includes the following:

  • Make a request for a copy of your credit report.
  • Do not forget to include a copy of your Nevada state ID.
  • Try to send proof of your current address if it is not current on your ID.
  • Provide a list of your last known addresses for the past 5 years.
  • Remember to include a copy of your social security card.
  • Sign the document.

Wait for at least 4-6 weeks to get your credit report. If you get a letter rejecting your credit, make a copy and dispatch it with your written request for a copy of your credit report.

After getting your reports from all of three credit bureaus, review of each report for accuracy and differences. With due care, try to determine disputes or accounts that are inaccurate. If you find something questionable that is worth disputing, most companies permit you to file a dispute through their web site. If you are supposed to provide proof, then you may need to mail it in with a dispute form.

Your credit reports need to contain contact and account information for each creditor. It is important to arrange all of your debt. Debts older than 7 years may not appear on your report, so in this case, leave them alone. The credit bureau will review your claim and contact your creditor, who would be give you 30-45 days to argue and prove they are correct. If they fail, the credit bureau will eliminate the negative items from your report!

For the correction of accounts, take it upon yourself to contact each creditor. It may take up to 6 months to seem like you are making any progress at all on your credit, but remain certain that your credit will fall into place within a year.