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Bad Credit in Idaho

Life is getting busy day-by-day and people's perception and lust for money is varying like a graph. In the race of fulfilling material needs, people put themselves under serious financial pressure. In financial crisis people try to go for a loan to meet their expenses but some other factors distract them and they often don't bother to care about whether they have good credit or bad credit.

What is good credit? What is bad credit? It's nothing, really. It's just a term. People usually think of their credit scores in terms of which credit category they will fall into - either good credit or bad credit. In reality, a credit score is just a three number digit between 300 and 850 that provides a quick snapshot of how responsible and good you are at managing and paying off your debt.

In this modern era, some economists and other experts believe that you have bad credit if your score is 675 or lower. However, a score of 620 or lower would be taken as subprime. Now your concern might be how to calculate the score. How much weight should be given to age? What category should be chosen? All these WWWWH questions have a simple answer which has really made life easier in this era of complexity. All you have to do is calculate the following credit score components:

  • Timely payments of bills: each time carries 35 percent
  • Comparison of the amount you have taken as a credit to the amount which is readily available: 30 percent
  • The time period you have had credit: 15 percent
  • The time span you have applied for credit: 10 percentList of the kinds of credit you avail, including revolving credit card accounts and installments: 10 percent

To weigh each item differently depends upon the nature of the debt and normally it differs. This breakdown can help you calculate your score, but it doesn't depict how bad credit could be harmful. If you have bad credit then it's difficult to get mortgage loan, car loan, student loan etc. Essentially, bad credit impacts all aspects of life, so start repairing and rebuilding your credit in Idaho today!

Vitesse Financial is a leading credit repair company in the industry and can help you achieve better credit through their proven techniques. For more information call Vitesse Financial's toll free line 866.407.9110 to hear how their professionals may be able to help you today.