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Drowning in debt, my life became a "nightmare"

"I knew I had hit rock bottom. I filed bankruptcy when I ran out of options and my life became a nightmare. After losing my job, I racked up credit card debt and was constantly harassed by debt collectors telling me I would have poor credit if I didn't pay. They could threaten me with judgments all they wanted, but I had nothing. You can't squeeze blood from a turnip. Collection agencies bombarded me with phone calls and certified mail. I knew there were credit counseling and debt settlement companies I could call, but they needed monthly payments that were impossible for me to make. I knew that filing bankruptcy could ruin my credit for seven years, but I felt I had no other choice. All my debts were erased, but my credit was destroyed. Landlords would not rent to me and my bad credit caused me to miss out on employment opportunities. Getting a credit card for the essentials was impossible. I am no credit expert, but I was pretty sure that I could not get a credit card with no credit. That I eventually got a better job and more income did not matter, bankruptcy was all the creditors saw when they checked my file. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. All I could see was darkness."

Stories like these are not uncommon in Alaska and that is why Vitesse Financial works with customers the best we can to improve their credit and life experience. With Vitesse, you will experience personalized service and you'll deal with the same credit expert throughout the entire process, developing a strong relationship so that we can better serve you.

Vitesse Financial starts every client with a No Obligation Consultation! We want to know exactly what is causing your credit problems. Every report and scenario is unique. You will deal with the same consultant from Day 1 to ensure you receive the best service possible. If you don't already have a credit report, we can guide you through the steps in obtaining one and work with you to correct any errors.

Call today and set up your no obligation consultation. Banks and lenders are demanding higher credit scores for approval and an accurate credit report is more important than ever.

For more information on how Vitesse Financial may be able to help you improve your credit score, call toll free at 866.407.9110.