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These days, more and more companies consider a person to be nothing more than a number, i.e. their credit score. Don't let bad credit derail your plans and your life. If you're in need of serious credit help, it's time to turn to the finance experts. We at Vitesse Financial are dedicated to helping you repair your credit score. We want you to get your finances back on track so that you can feel good about yourself and your life. When it comes to improving your credit score, you can count on Vitesse Financial and our proven 100% legal techniques.

What types of results do our services get for clients who come to us with bad credit? We have helped thousands of customers raise their scores, some of 150 points or more. If you need credit help, our representatives have the expertise you need to mend your credit history.

When consumers apply for a home loan, auto loan, credit card, or other types of credit, a low score or poor credit history will result getting denied or getting approved at high interest rates, meaning higher monthly payments. Our agents provide assistance to clients in the process of improving credit score reports by telling them the most effective strategies and helping them implement these tactics.

Credit Report Errors

Vitesse works directly with the three national credit bureaus on a monthly basis to repair credit score ratings and get inaccuracies removed promptly. We will work with you one-on-one to educate and achieve the results you need.

Vitesse will appoint a dedicated case advocate to manage your account. This representative will be available to answer all of your inquiries, explain scenarios such as which strategies are most likely to result in fast credit repair, as well as which problems may take a longer time to resolve and why.

Credit Repair Consultant

Our month-to-month credit repair service is a small fee to pay for the freedom and peace-of-mind you'll experience thanks to improved credit. We offer a consultation prior to beginning the service--this way we can ensure that our services can benefit you, and you can benefit by hearing how we can help without the obligation to sign up.

During the consultation, we review your credit report, scores answering questions you have, and let you know what we can achieve considering your unique situation and given timeframes. After the consultation, you inform us of whether you wish to begin taking steps to mend your credit and when. If you do not wish to pursue the service, then the consultation still leaves you with valuable knowledge about your credit standing.

Vitesse Financial specializes in improving credit scores that have been impacted due to errors such as late payments, negative settlements, collections, judgments and more. Our services can help improve credit for clients who have recently filed bankruptcy or experienced a foreclosure. No matter why you need to improve your credit repair score, Vitesse Financial can provide you with the help you need. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assign a case advocate to your account who will handle your credit repair process and answer any questions you may have. Your credit repair consultant works with the three national credit bureaus to remove negative errors and mistakes from your credit report.

When we have your cooperation, Vitesse Financial is able to produce positive results in the first 45 to 60 days, and some people continue to experience improved credit scores six to nine months after initiating our services.

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