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What we do

A Vitesse credit repair consultant will work directly with the three national credit bureaus on a monthly basis to remove negative errors and inaccurate items from your credit report. We will work with you, one-on-one to educate and achieve the results you need. Vitesse will appoint a dedicated case advocate to manage your credit repair account, someone who will always be available to answer any question you may have.

How much it costs

Vitesse Financial's service for rebuilding credit is the equivalent of only $59 a month. A small fee to pay for the freedom and peace of mind you can experience thanks to having improved credit. Our payments and billing system is completely secure and protected. We gladly accept visa & mastercard through our trusted payment merchant systems with Advanced Merchants network. There will not be any advance fee or other charges associated with the credit restoration services until after all services as outlined in the client agreement are performed. Inquire about our Couples discount, as well as our Military appreciation rates.

How it works

Vitesse Financial will work on our client's behalf under the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Before anyone gets started with our services, we like to offer a free consultation. During this consultation, we will go over your credit report, your scores and your exact situation, answering any questions you have and let you know ahead of time what we are going to be able to achieve for your unique situation as well as the proposed timeframe. After the consultation, Vitesse Financial can start your credit repair service that very day.

Proven results

Once you get started with our proven approach to credit repair, you can start seeing exciting results in the first 45-60 days. And that's just for starters. Most of Vitesse Financial's clients continue to experience improved credit scores even 6-9 months after initiating our services. The rate of progress of your credit report and score depends on your situation and cooperation. The more you participate, the faster you can expect results.

Our client base

Some tricks of the trade are common among many individuals who work in the credit repair business. Like any line of work, others come from knowing the intricacies of a variety of situations and circumstances. While some strategies might help one client, they might be not apply to another, even if he or she has similar circumstances. When you hire a credit company, keep this in mind. At Vitesse Financial, clients know they are getting credit repair service from a company that won't waste their time or money. We know the credit industry inside and out, which allows us to spend our time effectively as we work to improve your credit.

Some consumers feel that only individuals with bad credit benefit from services of professional credit counselors. This is not true--visit our testimonial page. As you can see from the testimonials of a broad array of clients, credit help can benefit even clients who have good credit histories. Because we have years of experience working with credit bureaus, credit card companies, and clients with a wide variety of credit histories, we have a large stock of techniques that can raise the score of individuals that fit nearly any profile.

What can a new client expect?

Vitesse Financial has a large base of clients--and we get calls from new ones all the time! When a new customer contacts us for professional credit repair, the first thing we do is examine the reasons the client needs help. This requires us to learn about the individual's needs, as well as his or her credit history. For example, does the client want to qualify for a home loan in the short-term? Or does the client want to improve a credit score that has been damaged by circumstances occurring over the past few months or longer? We then recommend programs that will provide credit history repair based on the client's precise ratings and goals.

Why are your goals as important as your credit score? This helps us provide credit report repair that precisely meets your needs, history, and circumstances. It also allows our representatives to provide you with accurate information every consumer should know in making financial decisions, particularly those that can positively or negatively affect credit ratings. We recognize that any credit repair help we provide can be solidified by the habits and decisions clients make in their own daily transactions--therefore, we provide new clients with services, as well as sound advice.

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Credit Repair Services

People with poor credit should do themselves a favor and consult Vitesse Financial to see what we can do to help your credit and improve your financial situation. Over the years, we have developed well-organized strategies that can help you repair your credit reports and improve your credit scores. If you are facing financial difficulties due to your bad credit and find lenders increasing your interest rates or denying your loan applications, then you have come to the right place. We employ the best team of credit professionals who will work with you to fix your credit scores and achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Our credit repair service can be helpful for people who have experienced bankruptcy, foreclosures or short sales, divorce, medical debt collections, student loan and many other situations as well. . We warmly welcome consumers from all walks of life, to help increase their credit rating, overcome bad credit and manage their credit score more efficiently. Our credit professionals also offer credit counseling services to help educate our clients and advise them how to boost their credit scores alongside the credit repair and maintain positive credit for the rest of their lives.

We cannot guarantee our results or promise to magically transform your bad credit history or poor credit score into good credit rating in just a couple of days/months. Beware of credit repair companies who claim such extreme results. Nevertheless, along with our credit repair service our credit professionals can help you plan away to start paying off your debt, in a way that works with your financial circumstances.

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