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Bankruptcy filing and credit repair takes time away from work and family

Leading up to your bankruptcy filing, you may have to spend a significant amount of time on the phone negotiating payments and explaining late payments to creditors. You also will probably spend a lot of time going through mail, responding … Continue reading

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AH AH … Your Credit

When you apply for insurance, the insurance company will take a look at your credit sore to determine your insurance premium, as well as whether or not they want to insure you. Despite this, insurance companies do not report your … Continue reading

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Improve Your Credit NOW

Perhaps surprisingly, your income has no effect whatsoever on your credit report score. In fact, it’s perfectly conceivable for a fast food employee to have a better credit score than a high level executive. Although information about your employment might … Continue reading

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Having Your Account Forwarded to Collections

If your credit company tires of trying to get you to pay your late payments, they’ll often resort to hiring a third-party debt collector to get the job done for them. Debt collectors will typically be significantly more aggressive than … Continue reading

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Credit Repair Software

For bankers, enrolling in programs which are conducted by different authorities, counseling companies, universities or colleges and all those who taught useful techniques and methods for repairing and avoiding the credit status losses. All the credit solutions which were prescribed … Continue reading

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