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Boost Your Credit Scores With Credit Repair

Credit Repair for Everyone Everyone wants their credit score to be as high as possible. Not everyone is a candidate for credit repair, but most people can utilize these score raising techniques to one degree or another. For some it … Continue reading

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Checking Your Credit Score

For some reason, many individuals have the misconception that checking your credit score will automatically lower it. This is not true. As long as you use a legitimate and reputable source to check your credit rating, such as, one … Continue reading

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Defaulting on a Loan

Defaulting on a loan is similar to incurring a credit card charge off. The default will indicate that you have not kept up your end of the loan agreement. As with a charge off, a defaulted loan will have a … Continue reading

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Fair Debt Collection

While it may sound harsh, any person who owes money on a mortgage, auto loan or who uses a credit card is a debtor. That said, most people are in fact in debt. Problems arise when you fall behind on … Continue reading

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What is a Credit Repair Dispute?

By law your credit report must contain accurate information. Generally, the information on your credit report includes where you live, if you pay bills on time, whether you have been sued, or filed for bankruptcy. About thirty percent of the … Continue reading

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