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AH AH … Your Credit

When you apply for insurance, the insurance company will take a look at your credit sore to determine your insurance premium, as well as whether or not they want to insure you. Despite this, insurance companies do not report your … Continue reading

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Americans Seem to be Managing their Money and Living …..

In recent months and years, Americans seem to be managing their money and living within their means much better. ¬†USA Today reports that household debt levels have reached their lowest point since 2008, according to the Federal Reserve and it … Continue reading

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Fair Debt Collection

While it may sound harsh, any person who owes money on a mortgage, auto loan or who uses a credit card is a debtor. That said, most people are in fact in debt. Problems arise when you fall behind on … Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected when working on repairing your credit

When creating an effective budget for credit repair, you should be setting money aside in case of an emergency. This way when your car breaks down or you have a medical emergency you don’t upset the balance of your budget. … Continue reading

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Credit Report Basics and Credit Repair

What Makes Up a Person’s Credit History? The purpose of a credit report is to provide a snapshot of a person’s long-term credit habits. This information is used by lenders and agencies to determine the likelihood that an individual will … Continue reading

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