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Why Collectors Exist

When a debt collector contacts a consumer, it usually indicates that the creditor has not received a payment on the debtor’s outstanding bill for multiple months. Because these payments are typically well past their due dates, the creditor has entered … Continue reading

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Things That Do Not Damage Your Credit Score

Your interest rates on loans and credit cards will not have an impact on your credit score. In fact, the reverse is true: if you have a poor credit score, you’ll likely receive higher interest rates. If your credit score … Continue reading

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Issues Consider Contacting a Credit Repair Agency

The Internal Revenue Service notified 77 patients at Emory Healthcare that they may have unknowingly become victims of identity theft several weeks ago. The IRS was able to identify the scheme when the Social Security numbers or patients were used … Continue reading

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Maintaining High Credit Balances

This goes hand in hand with maxing out your credit card. Although having a high credit balance is obviously less detrimental to your credit score than maxing out a card completely, keeping a high credit utilization percentage can still damage … Continue reading

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Mandatory for Credit Card Debt Collectors

According to The Wall Street Journal, many states such as New Mexico and New York, have made it mandatory for credit card debt collectors to inform consumers they cannot be sued for debt they have not paid back. The most … Continue reading

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