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Credit Impact of Filing Bankruptcy–

Bankruptcy could keep you from getting new loans Bankruptcy directly impacts your credit score, and your credit score impacts your ability to qualify for any loan, including a car loan. For example, the next time you plan to purchase a … Continue reading

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Having Your Account Charged Off

If your credit company begins to believe that you won’t ever pay your credit card bills, they may charge off on your account. This will typically happen if your account is delinquent by six months or more. Essentially, a charge … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy filing and credit repair takes time away from work and family

Leading up to your bankruptcy filing, you may have to spend a significant amount of time on the phone negotiating payments and explaining late payments to creditors. You also will probably spend a lot of time going through mail, responding … Continue reading

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Why Collectors Exist

When a debt collector contacts a consumer, it usually indicates that the creditor has not received a payment on the debtor’s outstanding bill for multiple months. Because these payments are typically well past their due dates, the creditor has entered … Continue reading

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Closing a Card With Available Credit

If you have multiple credit cards, it generally isn’t a great idea to close out a card that has available credit. This is because your overall level of available credit will go down, causing your credit utilization to go up. … Continue reading

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